Tips For When You Have To Move With Your Pet

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Tips For When You Have To Move With Your Pet

Moving to a new house or apartment in a new neighborhood that comes with new neighbors is something we all wished for in a period of our lives. Whether if you are moving from your family’s place, renting a basement to yourself, or if you are going to a college dorm, changing your address evolves a plethora of planning and thinking before the action starts. Additionally, for those of us who are pet owners, those planning have to include a list of what can be done to ensure the safety and distress of your pets while they get a new space. It might be tricky, mainly because pets, especially dogs and cats, are notoriously territorial, and they can feel as stressed and anxious as we do. With that in mind, I will enlist some useful tips for a smooth transition for you and your loved ones.


Go for a walk with your pets in your new neighborhood before moving


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Once it is all settle and you made up your mind about your new residence, take your pets for one, two, or even three walks in its new neighborhood; that way, your pets will recognize the place before it becomes its territory. Going for a walk with your pets in your new surroundings may be useful for you both. It will allow you to know the adjoining areas and people, making the process of moving easier for your pets and yourself.



Get your pets used to the moving supplies


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That tip can be evident for a vast number of reasons, yet we tend to neglect it because there is nothing scary or dangerous about tapes and cardboards. However, we tend to forget that while we are buying some material, or going for lunch, the place that your pets once knew is all packed and changed. Plus, once your move is over, your pets will discover its new home with numerous cardboards all over the place. That being said, whatever can be done to make your moving day less tense for your pets, the better. Do not forget that if one of your pets is afraid of the tape noise, for example, make it less uncomfortable to him/ her by giving a snack every time he/she gets more used to its sound. I bet they will learn fast when a delicious refreshment is offered.


Pack your pets’ belongings

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Remember to pack your pets’ mats, food, water and food bowls, and some toys altogether. It is also good to be aware that your pets probably need a little less food than usual to avoid any nausea on the way. Packing all your pet’s necessities and let it on hand is an excellent way to prevent any complication during your moving.


Keep your pets away from the moving action


tips for moving with petsAs a pet owner, you must assure that your dear animal is away from the action. Moving for your pets is a confusing and stressful event that they do not entirely understand, and it can contribute to a series of unwanted behavior. If you are hiring a moving company to make your relocation more relaxed and peaceful, there will be some different people that your pets do not know at all, and those people are taking things from their place. It can lead to your pet running away, for example, because the door is always open, and there is a lot of strange things going on. If you are moving by yourself, it will not be as easy, and your stress combined with your pet’s fear can be an extra challenge for your moving day. The best action to make in this scenario is to keep your pets in the quietest area possible, checking them regularly and sticking to their routine as much as possible.


Take your pets with you in your vehicle


moving pets across canadaDistress behavior can be disruptive, destructive, and sometimes can culminate in something called separation anxiety – mostly in dogs. To keep your pets more comfortable with the situation you both are going through, take your pets with you in your vehicle. They will feel a hundred times safer and cared about if they are with you. There is also a service – at least here in Canada – called pet moving services that deal with stress-free pet transportation. Should it be the case of you hiring those companies to assure your pet’s tranquility, it will be the right solution as well. You can also find a pet sitter or a pet boarding company for the moving day, and that will ensure that your pets will be entertained all day long.


Follow your vet’s advice

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Make sure your veterinarian is aware of your moving and all of the transition involved in case you need some information during this process. Every pet has its challenge, and they come with different particularities. Some pets face some abnormal behavior during the moving process, such as trembling, hiding, tucked tail, escape routine, diarrhea, licking, biting, drooling, and the list keeps going. That indicates they are wondering what is going on. Should it be your pet’s case, call his/ her vet, and they will know what to do. Plus, if you are moving to a completely different area, check if your vet can recommend another vet in your new neighborhood.



Settling in


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Time to have fun! Once the move is all done, you can finally say that the worst is over! Some renowned moving companies in Toronto can even let your new home in place, and you do not need to do absolutely anything but enjoy it. Show your pets around and make it explore all rooms available. That is also the perfect time for you to feed them. It will also be interesting if you buy your pets a new toy and play around the house with them. Whatever your pets like doing, that is the time for you to explore it to make them more pleasant with the new residency and happier with the moving situation.



Try as you might, your pets will not understand what is going on for a while – some experts say that pets will take some time between one to three days to adjust to their new place and routine. If, after a whole month, your pet is still showing some signs of uncommon behavior that started both during the moving process or weeks after your moving, contact your vet or a trainer to understand the situation better. If they could only speak, the problems would be minimal; as they cannot, be empathic with the case and use the positive reinforcement as much as you can to help you thrive after your move.


I wish you and your pets a lovely moving time.


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