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Consolidated Moving and Storage in the GTA

Palmerston offers consolidated moving and storage in Toronto with the white glove touch. Moving is almost always a complicated undertaking. One of the most important factors that will ensure a move that you’re happy with as opposed to stressed out about is choosing movers. Everything we do at Palmerston is about creating pleasant moving days for our clients. Our services are designed to accommodate the needs of our clients, including the most demanding, high-end customers. We’ve found that moving house storage solutions are extremely helpful to many of our clients. Palmerston provides the best consolidated moving and storage in Toronto.

Our standards for storage are as high as the exceptional moving services we provide at Palmerston. You may not have considered a storage facility to be one of the solutions that would work for you, but that may be because you haven’t yet visited our storage facilities. When you visit Palmerston storage, right away you can typically see a difference as compared with usual facilities. We have state-of-the-art security features that inspire confidence. Clients with luxury furnishings have been compelled to trust us for consolidated moving and storage in Toronto because, as a start, our storage facility is remarkably clean. We also monitor storage areas 24/7 and provide round-the-clock video surveillance.

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Palmerston Moving can meet all your Toronto storage needs.

Quality Movers. Reliable Service. Affordable Pricing.

Safe Storage

Our unbeatable security features ensure that your belongings in storage have the best state-of-the-art protection from theft and damage.

Luxury Storage Toronto

We maintain an environment at our storage facility that instills confidence among our clients needing temporary storage of luxury items.

Wine Storage - the ideal temperature

Only Palmerston storage services are sufficient in the GTA among discerning clients needing an appropriate wine storage environment.

Piano Storage

For clients looking for piano storage, only Palmerston will do, the best moving and storage in Toronto.

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Storage Solutions Designed For You

Palmerston has the best moving and storage in Toronto. We cater to selective clients who are careful enough to check out Toronto moving and storage reviews. Our storage facilities offer the features that make us the best location for people needing, for instance, piano storage or wine storage. It’s the environment we maintain that makes all the difference. The Palmerston storage facilities are well-maintained and we offer a 100% guarantee that items will be secure. When certain temperatures are required, such as for wine storage, we can accommodate those needs.

Palmerston provides thoughtful customer service, including receiving and processing a customer’s items that are delivered to us from other suppliers. We follow a quality control procedure in the full unpacking of deliveries. Our customized luxury storage solutions have earned us a reputation as one of the best storage companies Toronto for the interior design industry as well as for individuals needing moving and storage Ontario. We are proud to be the go-to company for advanced moving and storage.

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Palmerston Provides Storage Services to Families and Businesses in the GTA

Just as Palmerston sought to create a new image for the moving industry when it was founded, we also set out to create a new standard in storage. Families and businesses searching for safe storage  in Toronto have discovered that our storage services are superior. Our storage facilities are meticulously maintained. We provide 24/7 video surveillance and continuous monitoring. Between our facilities and our practices, we are confident enough to advertise that Palmerston storage is 100% safe and our customers’ belongings are 100% secure.

Our advanced moving & storage services include all of the basics. For instance, Palmerston facilities are pest controlled. Our pick-up and delivery services make us the best moving and storage in Toronto. We also include an inspection service. Whether your belongings are stored briefly or for a long period of time, we will inspect your belongings at your request. This is in addition to providing live monitoring around the clock and state-of-the-art features, such as round-the-clock video surveillance. When you want more than the typical stow-and-go storage services, get in touch with us at Palmerston Moving.

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Why Choose our Toronto Storage Services

Quality Toronto Movers. Reliable Service. Affordable Pricing.

Best Storage in Toronto

Palmerston Moving caters to the needs for unique structures and tailored requirements for storage.

Secure Storage

Our inspection and 24/7 monitoring services go above and beyond to ensure that your stored items are safe and secure.

Storage Solutions

We offer storage solutions that cater to the needs of interior designers, retailers, and private individuals.

Climate Controlled Piano Storage

Valuables such as pianos, valuable art, and wine collections are kept safe and in good condition with Palmerston storage services.

No Matter the Time, Quantity or Size, We Have the Exact Solution for Storage

At Palmerston, we understand that the needs for consolidated moving and storage in Toronto don’t always fit with inflexible storage options. That’s why we make it easy for our clients. Whatever the amount of time you need storage space or the quantity or size of items you need storage for, we have the precise storage solution. The needs of wine collectors looking for wine storage, for example, are very specific. We understand that wine must be stored in a particular environment; otherwise, the wine will spoil.

We offer wine storage because we have custom-tailored space in which wine is stored in the ideal conditions.

We are frequently entrusted with receiving and processing items for our customers. We go through quality control procedures that include full unpacking, inspection, and re-packing for optimal storage or delivery. As a customized luxury storage solution, we can fulfill all of our customers’ needs and work within the needed timing. Palmerston is proud to provide the very best consolidated moving and storage in Toronto. We love knowing that our affordable state-of-the-art facility provides our clients with peace of mind.

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Palmerston Moving and Storage ~ You’ve Come to the Right Place

We live in a day and age when customer service is often lacking and yet we offer outstanding moving and storage in Toronto with an emphasis on unbeatable customer service. You can relax and forget about stressing on your next move. At Palmerston, we are dedicated to providing hassle-free moving days that give our clients a pleasant memory to look back on. With our consolidated Toronto moving and storage , homeowners and businesses can enjoy the convenience of having designated items delivered to a facility of ours with secure storage space.

Palmerston movers pay careful attention to every detail involved with ensuring the protection of each client’s belongings. We’ve gone the extra mile in providing a secure location for stored items. All valuables are stored with the utmost in safety and protection. From our round-the-clock monitoring to state-of-the-art security measures, 24/7 video surveillance, and inspection services, we offer the best in moving house storage solutions. Contact us today if you want the superior moving and storage services we offer at Palmerston at affordable rates.