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The Palmerston team is the best among movers and packers Toronto. We tailor our packing services to each client’s needs. Our goal in providing packing and moving services in Toronto is for our personalized work to exceed the expectations of even our most discerning clients. Attention to detail is a trademark standard for Palmerston movers. If you are looking for packing services in Toronto that far exceed the typical standard of moving things from Point A to Point B, Palmerston Moving is the Toronto moving company to call.

What’s important to virtually everyone needing packing and moving services in Toronto is that their belongings suffer no damage. Any observer doesn’t need to watch Palmerston movers long before realizing that we give appropriate care to every item packed and moved as well as to the homes and businesses where the items are picked up and delivered. Great care is given to protecting carpeting, hardwood floors, stairs, and handrails.

When specialty items need to be moved, it’s important to have the assistance of experienced movers who care about the quality of their work. Each of our Palmerston packing professionals receives at least 40 hours of training before serving clients. We use meticulous care when moving fragile antiques, pianos, and treasured artwork. Appropriate packing materials are kept on hand so that each item can have needed protection against potential damage during a move.

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Packing Properly and Carefully

Quality Movers. Reliable Service. Affordable Pricing.

A certain level of knowledge is needed for packing services in Toronto to succeed in properly packing items for a move. Each of our packing professionals at Palmerston receives extensive training and follows the company standard of paying great attention to detail on each project, from start to finish.

Extraordinary Care

Customer service has always been a priority at Palmerston. Our professional packers consistently carry out their packing services in a way that is likely to bring a smile to clients’ faces.


While many Toronto movers schedule their work to ensure financial success with the number of jobs that they complete, Palmerston measures success by the quality of services provided on each project. It’s impossible to give the same care to moving packing services when workers are in a rush to finish.

Friendly Personnel

Palmerston is a full-service packing and moving company with full-time packing professionals on staff to carry out every job. We are selective about the team members we hire, from conducting careful background checks to drug testing.

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Packing and Moving Services

Moving is one of the greatest stressors in life, and Palmerston Moving provides packing and moving services that help to flip that reality. The essence of our goals as the best Toronto movers and packers is to give our clients a moving day they can smile about. Even more than that, we hope to create lasting memories of how great it can be to work with the best moving company in the GTA. At Palmerston, we are enthusiastic about providing white-glove packing and moving services. Each day, we strive to ensure that our clients are happy about the moving experience they have with us.

Clients needing moving packing and unpacking services always hope for professional packers to give a high level of care to their belongings. That’s what we do at Palmerston. Each box we pack and each piece of furniture we move is given a standard of care that has made us a leading mover among many of the top interior designers in Toronto and the GTA. Among the packing and moving services in Toronto, Palmerston is the one most trusted by high-end clients who need luxury items to be given the best in white-glove moving packing services.

Movers And Packers Toronto

Packing and Unpacking Professionals

At Palmerston Moving, we’ve discovered what can happen when packing and unpacking professionals stand out above the rest for providing exceptional services in the moving industry. Moving furnishings into multi-million-dollar luxury homes awarded in the world-renowned Princess Margaret Cancer Lottery to Conquer Cancer has been an honor we’ve been entrusted with for the past four years. A tour of these stunning homes provides a glimpse of the packing and moving services in Toronto provided by Palmerston Moving.

Entrusting a moving company with truckloads of high-end furniture is not something that would be taken lightly. Our Palmerston teams prove with each move that we are the premier white-glove Toronto movers and packers. We don’t falter in our standard of handling every item with meticulous care. Our packing and unpacking professionals have training with regard to the best packing materials to use on every type of furniture, including extremely fragile items. Assembly of furniture is also among the strengths of our highly capable movers. The unparalleled attention to detail we provide is what clients in the luxury segment are usually looking for when packing and moving services in Toronto are needed. We make it a daily habit not to disappoint our commercial and residential clients.

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Quality Toronto Movers. Reliable Service. Affordable Pricing.

Palmerston Moving is the best among Toronto movers and packers providing commercial or residential packing and moving services.

We provide the same affordable white glove packing and moving services in Toronto to every client.

Palmerston is a full-service packing and moving company with trained packing professionals on staff full time.

Careful attention to detail is characteristic of all moving packing and unpacking services provided by Palmerston Moving.

Packing and Unpacking is Our Duty

As professional Toronto movers and packers, our Palmerston team is aware that our clients’ belongings are best protected when we provide full-service packing and moving as well as unpacking. Our expertise in packing up entire households goes beyond the crucial detail of using boxes of uniform size. As packing professionals, each member of our Palmerston team knows the best way to pack, move, and unpack everything that may be included in a commercial or residential move. It is elemental to the moving industry that preventing damage to items during a move begins with skilled packing services.

When facing a big commercial or residential move, knowing that the responsibility of packing and unpacking is in the hands of the best Toronto moving company helps our clients breathe easier. Our hard-working teams at Palmerston are never involved in rushing jobs to increase their quantity of moves in a day. Quality is always at the forefront. Palmerston clients enjoy peace of mind knowing we recognize that packing and unpacking is our duty and we will complete the work with painstaking care, giving every detail of the job the same level of scrupulous attention.

At Palmerston, we are happy to accept projects of every size and reliably provide the best moving and packing services in Toronto. Many of the 65,000-plus moves we’ve handled have involved moving packing and unpacking services for only one or a few valuable items. Small projects are as much a priority as entire households.

Packing Boxes

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Comprehensive Moving and Packing Services

The number one way to avoid the worst stressors during a move in the GTA is to call on Palmerston Moving for comprehensive moving and packing services. Many of our clients have enjoyed hassle-free Toronto moves because our professional packers and movers took care of everything. When we say that we provide “white-glove moving packing services,” what we mean is that on a daily basis we use a standard of care typically reserved for moving only the most expensive, difficult-to-move items, such as pianos, precious antiques, and high-end artwork. Our philosophy is that every clients’ belongings are valuable and deserve white-glove treatment.

At Palmerston, we believe it makes as much sense to leave details of a move to true moving and packing professionals as it does to hire a plumber for a leaky pipe. Perhaps the reason moves are notoriously stressful is that our society has treated most elements of a move like an unavoidable do-it-yourself project. The entire reason Palmerston Moving came into being was to change the face of the moving industry into something positive, as much as possible. After enjoying the benefit of Palmerston Moving comprehensive moving and packing services, our customers agree by a wide margin that we have been and continue to be very successful at achieving that goal.