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We at Palmerston are present across Canada. We are among the best rated and respected moving companies Toronto. You are looking for “movers near me” or “moving companies” anywhere in the country, but mainly in GTA, search no more. Palmerston Moving is always near you for any kind of service.  Moving, delivery, storage, and packing. At Palmerston Moving we have an experienced team and counting with about 10 years of experience we are sure we are your best choice. Take some time to read 5 Tips for a Move. No matter what your necessity is, we will be happy to help, always, no matter what your necessity is, we do fit it.

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Moving your home is our business. We are proud to offer the best moving service to all our customers. That is why we are the best option for many consumers. Our services include moving of any size, HOME MOVE, CONDO MOVE, and IN-HOME MOVE any city in the country. We offer domestic moving services or not, without small print in the contract and without any surprise fees. You can count on our kind staff at any time. They will always be one step ahead to ensure the best and stress-free moving that a non-professional move could cause to you. Palmerston Moving is #1 Trusted Moving Companies Toronto.

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    We are specialists in residential moving! We pride ourselves on always offering the best furniture assembly.

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    Palmerston commercial movers are the best trained and the most experienced specialists for every kind of commercial move.

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    Our expertise and our professional moving teams are ready to get the job done and to make a move quiet, smooth and safe.

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    Palmerston Moving offers the unique service of in-home moving and in-building moves, for safely move heavy or voluminous furniture.

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    We know each detail of high-quality long-distance relocation; therefore, we have a 98% rate of satisfied customers.

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  • Moving Boxes
    Moving Boxes

    Using the best moving boxes will make the job more efficient and faster than packing twice if you have weak moving boxes.

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Palmerston Top Of Mind Among Moving Companies Toronto

Toronto or across Canada moving services, whether for QC, BC, ON or any other Canadian Province, requires great care. We know that everything in your house is a piece of your history. They are furniture or objects that remind you of important dates and occasions, remember special people and mainly, tell who you are, and in a long national moving require great care in transportation. Start this new chapter of your life with peace of mind and without any setbacks. Let Palmerston Moving go down in history as the company that helped you move for better. In all our moving, we pack crystals, porcelain, and other fragile objects individually, protected in extra resistant boxes. Bed and table linen will be packed in cardboard boxes lined with tissue paper. Clothes for personal use may be transported in horizontal boxes (suitcase type) lined with tissue paper or kept on hangers, in big boxes wardrobes like. Call us today to get a free quote and we will make sure your move flows smoothly and stress-free

Moving in difficult time,Toronto can count on us

Moving is a hard task no matter the time, however, there are some peculiar situations to make it more difficult, a crisis time. Despite the fact that we live in a relatively stable world, some events can make it become a complete uncertainty. Recent events made the world population think about their lives and reason about what is really important for the humanity. Thinking about it, we at Palmerston Moving have increased training to all employees in various case scenarios. Besides this, we follow the government rules maintaining essential services in order to help our community and keep them safe all the time. Our delivery service is available at any time, since the government allows or requires it. Whether you buying or receiving something from any family member or a friend as well as sending something for them, don’t waste your time looking for other companies, because Palmerston Moving will be wherever and whenever you need. Give us a call and you wont regret; Our customer services representative will be happy to help since the very first call till the end of the required service.

Moving Box – Packing Material Premium

Palmerston Moving always care for our customers and their stuffs, and for that reason we offer only prime quality packing material. Special material such as Bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, mattresses chair and sofas covers, china boxes, and much more, moreover we offer the option of renting our special plastic containers to help you in organizing everything. Besides the material, we also offer packing services. Our team is fully trained in all moving steps, from your very first call till removing the last piece of remaining packing material from your new place, passing through preparing, disassembling, packing, moving, unpacking, assembling, and placing your furniture where you wish, we perform everything. Would like to learn how to pack properly? Take a look in this article by our partner, it may be helpful. If you have any concern about packing services, do not hesitate to Call us immediately and our team will be always ready to assist you at any time.

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Let us be part of your moment. It makes us happy and proud

Residential moving is, above all, opening up the possibility of experiencing new emotions in new settings. It is to rediscover the smell of your home, the distribution of your furniture, in short, the privilege of being able to build new stories. Palmerston Moving can help you move. For over 10 years, the best cost/benefit option for your residential move, be it local, provincial or across the country with the use of its fleet of modern trucks. Moving to other provinces is perfectly successful, as Palmerston Moving is present throughout Canada, with a highly trained and capable team of professional movers, your reference among moving companies Toronto.

In Toronto or any other part, We straighten up everything for you

Organization is one of the most important things for a success moving service. A household or any other move is never an easy task, since you have lots of different ideas, objects, and procedures to organize. According to Designers Movers in 10 Tasks to do on Moving Day and take the opportunity to spend some time reading Tips to Organize the Process . For sure your will find a solution for that. If you have any doubt, please give us a call as soon as possible and we will be here to help. It will be our pleasure. Call Palmerston and have a stress-free move.