Coronavirus Disinfection & Sanitization Services In Toronto (COVID-19)

Prevention Coronavirus: How To Protect Yourself & Others

The Coronavirus disease has literally inspired individuals throughout the world to take measures to protect themselves and others. Besides social distancing and handwashing, the next crucial element of Coronavirus prevention is satisfied with trusted disinfection services. Basic cleaning will not do nor even deep cleaning services Toronto. Disinfectant cleaning services help more than any other type of cleaning with regard to how we can prevent coronaviruses. At Palmerston Moving, we have looked into the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 and MERS aka Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus prevention. We have also consulted resources from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to determine how to provide the high-level professional disinfecting services our clients want and need.

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Palmerston Disinfecting Services For Covid-19
We Now Offer Sanitizing And Decontamination Services For All Public Spaces

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Understand Differences in Cleaning Services

There is often a misunderstanding with regard to the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. When you request professional cleaning services Toronto, do you literally want cleaning services or do you actually seek sanitization services or disinfection of surfaces? At Palmerston Moving, we ask our customers to specify the cleaning services desired.

What Basic Cleaning Achieves

Basic cleaning is needed as a part of sanitization and disinfection services. Dust, filth, dirt, and marks are removed and the number of germs is reduced with basic cleaning. This creates a foundation for more clinical methods. Cleaning can be accomplished using soap, detergent, or solvent and a cloth. For outside areas, power-washing services are often sufficient.

What Sanitizing Achieves

Anti-microbial agents are in products that provide sanitization. In just 30 seconds, sanitizers effectively kill or render inactive virtually all known bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The level of effectiveness in destroying viruses with sanitizers is 99.999%. This meets standards set for public health but does not achieve the level of cleaning required to address COVID-19.

What Disinfectant Spray Achieves

To achieve the goal of helping to prevent anyone from experiencing Coronavirus symptoms, disinfection is necessary. Our disinfecting services at Palmerston Moving ensure that the pathogens, bacteria, and microorganisms that carry disease are destroyed. Specifically, we use the types of disinfectant that destroy the Coronavirus. However, cleaning and sanitizing are part of the process.

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Home Deep Cleaning Room By Room

Palmerston Moving has specialized in deep cleaning services Toronto since our inception. We have the painstaking methods, products, and equipment to achieve house cleaning services of the highest level that satisfy our most discerning clients.

Deep cleaning room by room involves the use of appropriate tools and methods so that the home will gleam from floors to windows up to ceiling level and no surfaces are harmed in the process.
Attention to detail is what we are known for at Palmerston Moving, and it is the perfect quality for residential cleaning services. Of course, deep carpet cleaning is included and, if requested, highly effective steam cleaning services, as well.

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Coronavirus: Disinfecting Services To Help Keep Your Employees And Customers Safe.

Commercial cleaning services Toronto, in this time of a worldwide pandemic, must include the use of disinfectant spray to protect against Coronavirus diseases. It is important to workers that their employer takes care to address coronavirus prevention, a duty that demands disinfectant cleaning services.

As stay-at-home orders are relaxed more and more, what will be uppermost in our collective minds is Coronavirus prevention. This is what motivated us at Palmerston Moving to ensure that we are taking adequate measures that provide protection from COVID-19.

We use non-enveloped virus disinfectants as well as disinfectants for enveloped viruses, which the situation demands. We are doing all that is known to do with our cleaning and disinfecting practices to keep you and your customers safe from the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Disinfection

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Disinfect And Sanitize Your Office, Facility Or Store We Remain Committed To Providing You With Excellent Service To Ensure You Have A Clean And Safe Environment.

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Home Disinfection Cleaning Service

Palmerston Moving offers reliable home disinfection service in Toronto and the surrounding area. If you want a trusted company known for white-glove services and painstaking attention to detail, there is no need to search for “house disinfection service.” Simply give us a call for the best in home disinfection services. We have tailored our disinfection practices to fight COVID-19.

Office And Commercial Disinfection Cleaning Services

Office and commercial cleaning and disinfection services have become vital. Employees are counting on a workplace with ongoing professional disinfecting services. Assurances that disinfection practices are effective will equip workers and customers to be confident about their health. Palmerston Moving offers disinfecting services to answer the urgent need for protection from viruses.

Bank And Financial Office Disinfection Cleaning Services

All businesses have precise needs with regard to cleaning services that address COVID-19, including banks and financial offices. Instead of searching for “professional disinfecting services near me,” it is better to choose a proven company with experience providing commercial disinfection services. At Palmerston Moving, we are widely trusted for taking great care in our disinfection practices.

Restaurant And Foodservice Industry Disinfection Cleaning Services

The restaurant industry has always faced special challenges with regard to the prevention of food contamination. In the era of COVID-19, disinfection cleaning services in restaurants and others in the foodservice industry are crucial. Palmerston Moving has stepped up to provide the brand of excellence we are known for in the area of commercial disinfection services, including in foodservice.

Healthcare Disinfection Cleaning Service In Toronto

It is critical for surfaces in healthcare facilities to be properly cleaned and disinfected for purposes of Coronavirus prevention. The professional disinfection services provided by Palmerston Moving are up to the needed standards in addressing the COVID-19 crisis.

Disinfection of waiting rooms, countertops, and, of course, operating rooms as well as every nook and cranny of a hospital is accomplished with our products, equipment, and high-quality workmanship. We meet and exceed standards for best practices, in keeping with our philosophy of providing white-glove quality in every area of service. Physician offices, clinical laboratories, group practices, outpatient surgeries, and all other healthcare facilities can depend on Palmerston for reliable disinfection services.

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A Message From Palmerston Company On COVID-19

We have all faced new challenges because of COVID-19, and tragedy has struck home for many. An encouraging part of the story, though, is the way people are helping others in extraordinary ways on a daily basis. At Palmerston Moving, we hope to do our part. In answer to the heightened concern about Coronavirus prevention, we have expanded our first-rate cleaning services. Whether or not a move is involved, we offer cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection services that work hand-in-hand with killing germs that cause viruses to spread.

From baby nursery rooms to hospitals and foodservice establishments, we specialize in the kind of disinfection services that can provide tremendous peace of mind. If you need COVID-19 disinfection, sanitization, and cleaning services, contact us at Palmerston Moving today.