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Home Sanitizing And Disinfecting in Toronto

“House cleaning and sanitizing services near me” is a common search these days in Toronto and potentially around the globe due to major effects of COVID-19. Palmerston Moving is answering the call by providing cleaning services Toronto in addition to our white glove moving services. Basic cleaning will sometimes not do the job needed, and we use products and methods to ensure that your home is clinically clean. We offer home cleaning services using allergen-free sanitizing techniques that will create a sterile environment in your home, whether or not the cleaning is in connection with our move out / move in cleaning services.

Considerations when choosing Toronto movers have changed significantly since the world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The same care that we use when handling delicate antique furniture is applied toward apartment carpet cleaning and house cleaning. Assurances in regard to the condition of home furniture and valuable artwork are no longer enough to provide peace of mind. Exceptional cleaning services are now understandably needed, as well, in connection with moving services.

What is often desired in connection with moves is to ensure that homes are free of viruses and bacteria. When there are infants, toddlers, and/or small children in the home, providing a sanitized environment from top to bottom is a priority. Simple household cleaners do not meet expectations for disinfecting or for sanitizing home environments. At Palmerston Moving, we only use 100% safe eco-friendly cleaners as well as state-of-the-art sterilizing, disinfecting, and steam cleaning products and equipment. We use electrostatic sprayers and steam cleaners to ensure that flooring, draperies, grout, carpeting, and tile have an effective disinfectant shield. Our experience and commitment to provide unparalleled services extends to coronavirus COVID-19 disinfection services.

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Toronto Residential Disinfection And Sanitizing Services

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Move Out / Move In Cleaning Services

Moving is stressful enough without having to also worry about whether or not the moving process makes you and your family more vulnerable to COVID-19 exposure. For that reason, our move out / move in cleaning services from Palmerston Moving include professional disinfecting services. We deliver hospital-grade disinfecting agents throughout the home, including every nook and cranny, using advanced electrostatic sprayers. There is no need to be concerned about irritants to the eyes, lungs, or skin because we use 100% safe non-irritant products.

Cleaning Services for Your New Home

After the ordeal of moving--which is hardly a trial with Palmerston Moving services--cleaning services for your new home are more important than ever. We go above and beyond with our cleaning regimen, as with our white glove moving services. Our clients are assured and can have complete confidence that our procedures for sterilization are effective. We use products and equipment that achieve the goal of ensuring that clients’ homes are free of all harmful microorganisms and other germs.

Condo & Apartment Cleaning/Maid Services

To enjoy the peace of mind offered by our first-class sanitizing and disinfecting services, simply contact us at Palmerston Moving. We offer these essential services whether or not you are moving. The benefits of our condo and apartment cleaning/maid services include odor-free cleaning, the use of allergen-free products, and assurance that your home is germ-free and bacteria-free, depending on the specific services you request. You and your family can stay healthier than ever because our eco-friendly products can also kill harmful microbes such as Staph, H1N1, Norovirus, and E Coli.

Full Home Cleaning Service

Our Palmerston Moving full home cleaning service is accomplished with eco-friendly, irritant-free cleaning products. Dirt, dust, filth, and marks are removed through appropriate means, including wiping, washing, brushing, steaming, and vacuuming. Home cleaning services include such basics as cleaning and disinfecting toilets, cleaning light fixtures and door handles, vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping floors, and more.

Difference between: Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are all quite different things. It is important to understand what you are requesting from Palmerston Moving as regards cleaning services.

Cleaning involves the use of routine cleaning products that ensure an environment is free of dust, dirt, filth, and marks. Cleaning can also include outdoor spaces with the use of power-washing services.

Sanitizing is an approach to cleaning that kills bacteria. Anti-microbial agents are used by Palmerston Movers in order to kill or render inactive 99.9% of all known viruses, fungi, and bacteria that are present on surfaces.

Disinfecting ensures that disease-carrying microorganisms, bacteria, and pathogens are destroyed. Disease-carrying microorganisms are destroyed, neutralized, or growth-inhibited.

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Steam Cleaning Services For Carpets And Upholstery in the GTA

At Palmerston Moving, we utilize non-toxic cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment to steam-clean carpeting and upholstery in the GTA. Our white-glove service standard applies to carpet and upholstery cleaning to help ensure that our clients enjoy a safe, clean environment.

Compared to traditional solutions for cleaning, steam cleaning uses far fewer chemicals and is safer for families, including pets. Due to the effective removal of dirt buildup, steam cleaning services for upholstery and carpets leave your home gleaming like new. Of great importance today is the fact that steam cleaning kills viruses, molds, and germs and also gets rid of allergens.

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Office Sanitizing And Disinfecting in Toronto

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Office Disinfection

Contact Palmerston Moving for reliable office disinfection (COVID-19) services, our newest commercial cleaning services. We use non-corrosive, non-caustic products to thoroughly disinfect your office space and ensure that it is germ-free, mold-free, and allergen-free. Best practices for COVID-19 disinfection are followed and exceeded in our specialized office cleaning services.

Commercial and Office Cleaning Services

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your commercial and office facilities are safe environments. We utilize effective state-of-the-art disinfecting and sterilizing products and equipment that are also irritant-free. Contact Palmerston Moving today for reliable commercial and office cleaning services.

Healthcare Sanitation in Toronto

Maintaining a sanitized environment in healthcare facilities is vital. Palmerston Moving offers healthcare sanitation in Toronto that meets the same high-level standards demonstrated by our renowned white-glove services.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Once your construction or renovation project is complete, call on Palmerston Moving for removal of construction debris and detailed post-construction cleaning services to finalize top-to-bottom cleaning and readiness of the space.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Disinfection Services in Toronto

Experts have provided guidelines for disinfection of environments in which persons with confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19 have visited, resided, or self-isolated. Palmerston Moving provides services that adhere to the most stringent standards for coronavirus COVID-19 disinfection services in Toronto. There is nothing more important than your health, and we are painstaking in the care we take to apply all appropriate measures to ensure unsurpassed disinfection services.

The types of disinfectants we use comply with guidelines regarding a Drug Identification Number (DIN), which is an 8-digit number assigned by Health Canada confirming its approval for use. Our employees use the appropriate PPE, including gloves, and follow label guidelines on cleaning for COVID-19.

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Sanitization Services for Baby Nursery Room

There are few areas in which sanitization services are more important to families than for baby nursery rooms. In these uncertain times, Palmerston Moving provides the level of sanitization services for baby nursery rooms that families seek when expecting a newborn child. The timing of births can be impossible to predict; we recommend advanced planning for baby nursery sanitization services.

All products we use are eco-friendly, better for the environment, and safer for your baby. The importance of removing any disease-causing germs is understood, but we never use products that could do harm to an infant, such as those with volatile organic compounds (VOCS), for example. Steam cleaning carpets and rugs is one of the important steps in baby room sanitization. Our experts are always happy to provide sanitization services at all stages of a child’s growth.