No Moving is equal to another, our difference from other GTA Toronto moving companies is that we recognize this, so we plan every detail to achieve the level of excellence you need.

Company Overview & CEO Statement

Company Overview & CEO Statement

Palmerston Moving is a Canadian moving company which for the last 10 years has projected itself in the market among the best moving companies in Toronto. Excellence in quality service was built upon my experience spending years in the industry watching the various vicious patterns: Busted-up trucks, movers that don’t really care much, improper billing, work with poor quality materials and methods. All this made a clear statement that some of the GTA movers were not concerned with their clients. Finally, out of sheer frustration, I decided to do something about it.

I started Palmerston Moving with one truck and a helper. Fast forward today – we currently operate a fleet of 10 trucks and 30 full time employees. For us, it has never been about volume but the quality of projects we take on. To date, we have successfully completed over 65,000 moves that vary from single item delivery to a full household packing and moving. When you need residential moving, you can rely on all our experience to enjoy this great moment of your life.

Packing and unpacking, moving, storage and delivery are not tasks for amateurs. Overcoming challenges is one of our specialties, our truck fleet, and our moving team is 100% prepared to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Moving can be very stressful, don’t let amateurs put more “weight” on your shoulders. I would like to invite you to give us a chance to help you with your next move. You have my personal promise that we will take every precaution to ensure your moving is perfect.


Founder & CEO
Evgeny Gozenpud

Our Services

A Reputation You Can Trust

When scheduling a move, the first thing that comes to mind: Why not gather friends, have lunch and make a moving? This can undoubtedly be a fun idea, but is it the best solution? A company with experienced professionals takes responsibility for your move and works to ensure that all your belongings come to your door safely and quickly. Palmerston Moving not only literally takes the weight off your hands but also free up your time for other important activities of the day.


Packing and unpacking are two of the most annoying parts of the moving process. Why not seek professionals for the job? Do you have time to do it yourself? Do you have the expertise that this task requires? Who else can you trust to accomplish this critical job? Palmerston Moving mastered the craft, this is where our movers really show their skills! We have become one of the leading moving companies in Toronto by being the safest and most efficient in packaging services.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. Take Theirs.

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Our Specialties

Quality Movers. Reliable Service. Affordable Pricing.

Three Great Reasons for Choosing Palmerston Moving

Save Yourself Stress Time

Stress is one of the biggest problems that people have when moving. Moving is the third most stressful life event, right after death of a loved one and divorce, so looking for a reliable professional moving company is crucial to avoid headaches. Hiring Palmerston Moving will allow you to focus on the people and events surrounding your move.

Save Money

Moving with professional movers can cost you less than renting a truck. When you DIY complications arise. You could end up spending out money that wasn’t in your budget in order to amend these issues. In fact, one mistake on your part when handling your household items could cost you dearly, therefore hiring Palmerston Moving is a great solution.


Ensure your personal safety and that of your belongings. Moving is a vigorous process. You are lifting, organizing and loading heavy items for hours on end. Lack of know-how and proper equipment may result in injury, accidents, and damage to your property. Our professional movers know how to properly pack and load a truck maintaining your items safe.

Hiring Palmerston Moving means you don’t have to worry about accidents or damage. Our care and efficiency ensures that you get a smooth and safe move saving you time and money. With our professional moving company you get a seriously trained moving team dedicated to delivering the best services in Toronto. Get in touch with Palmerston Moving professionals today.

Princess Margaret Cancer Lottery Home

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is a scientific research centre and a teaching hospital in Toronto. The hospital stands as the largest cancer centre in Canada and one of the 05 largest in the world. Princess Margaret treats over 1,000 patients every day and can deliver diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care to close to 200,000 patients and their families every year.

Maintaining all this structure is extremely expensive. The Princess Margaret Home Lottery has been launched in 1996 and since then it has been performed every year. Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who supported the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre our community has allowed our cancer specialists to enable Future Care Now for patients across Canada, and around the world.

Proudly, Palmerston Moving is part of this project, being chosen by interior designers as the Toronto area moving company to carry out this great Humanitarian project. We are proud to be able to help Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and its thousands of beneficiaries. We take care of the delivery, storage and assembly of the furniture.

Packing & Unpacking Services in Toronto

The truth is that packing is one of the most overlooked services when it comes to planning a move. Packing can be the most tedious and time-consuming steps in a moving, especially with a tight schedule. Another important fact in packing is, if properly done, it considerably improves transport safety.

How many packing supplies does one need to buy? What is the right packing supply for each item? There are many doubts but we need to let you know that packing doesn’t need to be a nightmare! It is a good decision to leave that task to someone who possesses skills and knowledge in this subject. Palmerston Moving provides the best packing services in the GTA and has been accredited as the only white-glove moving company trusted by ELTE, Gingers, mkt  as well as so many Interior Designer Companies in Toronto.

After packing, you can count on the best delivery service in Toronto so that your products arrive safely. Once the items are delivered to your home, it’s time to another tricky job: unpacking, assembling and cleaning the area, but you are not alone in this tedious task. Palmerston Moving will take care of everything for you. Don’t stress yourself wasting time with your own moving. Call us now and let us look after everything for you.

Why Choose Palmerston

Quality Toronto Movers. Reliable Service. Affordable Pricing.


  1. Condo Moving services
  2. Office Moves in Toronto
  3. White-Glove Moving service
  4. Short or Long term Storage available
  5. Rated Best Moving Company 2019 Toronto


  1. Inspection Service
  2. 24/7 surveillance system
  3. Climate Controlled Facility
  4. Delivery and Pick up Service
  5. Easy access through Loading Dock


  1. White-Glove Delivery Service
  2. Rated Best Moving Company 2019 Toronto
  3. Short or Long term Storage available
  4. Inspection Service & Full Protection
  5. Specialized Delivery for Interior Designers

Packing & Unpacking

  1. Wine Packing & Storage
  2. All-inclusive Moving Service
  3. Fine Art & Antiques Packing
  4. Packing Services for Interior Designers
  5. Packing & Unpacking for Moving in the GTA

Are you considering moving to Toronto, Canada?

Canada is a dynamic country, which is recognized by the world as one of the safest places to live. Keeping up with Canada’s development, Canadians are continuously moving, whether to a new home in the same neighborhood or another province, either because the family has grown or because of a job change – all this makes finding the best moving company in Toronto a big challenge. Your belongings are your legacy, your history and heritage, therefore finding Canada’s best residential and commercial movers to protect it.

Providing the best moving services is the goal of every employee at Palmerston Moving. Having the trust and credibility from our customers is our greatest reward. When you move into a new home in Toronto, you can use all our attention to detail and experience to enjoy this great moment of your life. Packing, storage, delivery and moving services, as well as securely arranging your items for transportation is not a task for amateurs, no matter quantity, distance or size.

We know that no two moves are alike. Your home is your image, your identity, it defines and projects your future. You can be sure that our employees had been trained to treat every single delivery with respect, care and the attention it deserves. From your first contact with our customer service team, you will see that Palmerston Moving is specialized in moving. Through our personalized approach, we can quickly and efficiently address any issue concerning your move. We work with you to make sure your moving plan works, meeting all your needs and expectations.

Our team of professional movers can provide the best packing and unpacking service. They take care of your personal belongings, with all the care and attention necessary, as if you were supervising it yourself. No matter what your needs are we can solve them. With our fully equiped trucks, moving supplies and equipments, and professional movers we will get the work done in a timely and planned manner.

Palmerston Moving is the moving company in the Greater Toronto Area that will turn the world upside down to ensure you have a perfect move.

How To Pick Up Your Moving Company In Toronto?

Online Reviews – Firstly, check online reviews for the various professional movers in Toronto – If you hire a moving company based in your area, you are likely to avoid being tricked into doing business with a shady mover operating solely over the internet. Be sure to ask the professional moving company whether or not they have wide experience handling your specific moving requirement.

Value-Added Services – By now, you should have a list of licensed moving companies and a price range. At this point don’t just compare them, but see beyond price the one that has the best and most comprehensive services. Do they have a professional installation and cleaning service after a move? Do they offer storage services of their own? Find out what other additional services are available.

At the end of these comparisons, you will have certainty, Palmerston Moving is your best choice in the Greater Toronto Area. Our services, equipment and technologies have been crafted to meet the quality of service that you need going beyond what you expect.

GTA Long-Distance Moves

Moving, especially long-distance moves, can be stressful and a real challenge for several reasons, but this is not an issue for Palmerston Moving. Overcoming obstacles is one of our specialties.

Our professional movers and truck fleet is 100% prepared for any challenge, including an elaborate preparation period before the moving day, necessary in long-distance moves.

There’s only one good solution to long-distance moves: finding a good moving company  – and you’ll have little to worry about. Unfortunately, Canada is not home to many moving companies to make your transition a smooth one. The process of hiring can seem daunting.

So why should you hire Palmerston Moving? What differentiates Palmerston Moving from every other moving company is our uncompromising attention to detail, our relentless pursuit for customer satisfaction, building bonds of reciprocal reliability. We would like to invite you to join our list of satisfied customers and in your next move, allow us to be part of this journey.