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Canada is a growing economy and the entire world realizes that; because of this, people from other countries are choosing Canada to live. Besides the economy, the country offers quality of life and stability. Once established in Canada, people choose a city or province according to their needs and adaptability. Palmerston Moving has been acting in the whole country since 2010, moving families from coast to coast and helping them to achieve their living dream and peace of mind. English or French, we move you from Toronto to Montreal or from Halifax to Vancouver, always safe and sound. No matter where you are and no matter where you want to go, Palmerston Moving brings you there.

Palmerston Canada, we move your dreams

At Palmerston Moving Company, we care about what matters to you and your beloved ones. We know a good neighborhood with parks, schools, and facilities is important to your family and finding a place that fits your needs is not an easy task; however, as soon as you find it, we are going to do the rest. Everything you need, including hope and dreams we move anywhere you want.


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Palmerston Moving is present in Canada’s biggest cities

Canada is a multicultural country and embraces all the peoples and cultures. Walking around cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver it is possible to notice how diverse is the population. A bunch of possibilities and opportunities offers leisure, culture, indoor and outdoor activities, regardless of the weather. Winter or Summer, indoor activities is just a matter of option. For those who prefer a less electrifying life, Canadian cities offer religious temples, museums, parks, and many more. For sports fans, options like Hockey, Baseball, Basketball are well represented in most of the Canadian cities. Montreal, for example, is home of the Montreal Canadians, the biggest Stanley Cup winner. Toronto or Montreal, Vancouver or Alberta, no matter where, we bring you there.

Reliable services all over Canada

Palmerston Canada is one of the best and trustable moving companies acting from coast to coast. Present in most of the cities and transporting your belongings safely all over the country for about 10 years, Palmerston acquired enough experience to make your dream come true. Palmerston offers services like delivery, moving, packing and storage as well as special services like wine transportation, white-glove services and more. Palmerston movers are trained in many situations, and their services are recognized for many clients and our services appear in the most trusted Canadian directories such as Google Business, HotFrog, SmallBiz, FoundLocally and so on; with that said, you can rely on us for your moving and any other needed service. For more information, please, do not hesitate to contact Palmerston Customer Service Representative.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Moving is not an easy task, for that reason hiring a moving company is so important as your tranquility. At Palmerston, we care about your peace of mind and your belongings. Hiring Palmerston moving for your moving day, you could not care less about everything, because our movers are prepared to take care of everything, since packing to positioning in your new place. Palmerston offers high quality packing materials such as protection for mattresses, sofas, chairs, mirrors, wall arts, and more. You can also request a special material in our Estimate Request Form section, besides clarifying doubts and other inquiries.

Palmerston cares about you, and because of that, we offer the packing and unpacking services to make your day stress-free. Contact-us regarding your moving and these special services.

Our clients’ reviews from Coast to Coast.

Your business wherever and whenever you need

Yes, we move your company wherever you need. If you own a business and need to move, Palmerston can do it for you. Palmerston Moving Company performs moving through Canada with success for about 9 years. No matter where, if it is short or long distances, inside or crossing provinces we do it for you. Offices, bars, restaurants, and more, always you can trust in our services and be sure Palmerston Moving will handle it with care and in the safest way.

We bring your dreams along with us

Because we know your time and family are precious to you, and each minute in your life is important, we developed an all special way of working and caring for everything that matters to you. All over Canada, we built a relationship of trust with our customers and we are proud of it. We have moved clients and their belongings everywhere, through their neighborhood, cities, crossing provinces and across the country, and each moving was special and unique. If you are planning to move or any other service, give us a call and enjoy our all special Palmerston way of being.