Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly Service

Several reasons lead to making a change in the house: If you need a hand rearranging furniture within a room, repositioning of heavy or precious items (sculptures, pianos, antique furniture, etc), clear some space for a big party, or special event, redecorating the house at the suggestion of a designer, clearing some space in the house, in the end, there are many reasons to carry out an in-home moving.

After or before moving are difficult times and preparing all furniture for the moving day is challenging. How about if you are not moving, but you still must move some furniture? From one-bedroom to another one, from the basement to the kitchen or living room to the basement, it doesn’t matter, the only thing it cannot happen is damaging during the course. Sometimes handling the whole object depending on the size, the best option is disassembling it and assembling it again. We know, however, that somethings will never be the same as it was before. Desks, chairs, tables, stands, beds and so on, since you assemble it once, most of the things should never be touched to avoid swinging and balance problems. At Palmerston Moving, we are specialists in this subject, though. With the care any furniture deserves, we are capable to disassemble and assemble it again and leave it the way it was before, moreover, if something wrong happens, due to mishandling on our part, we pay for the damaged item. Furthermore, Palmerston Moving is perfectly able to perform this type of job in any situation, in-home moving, in neighborhood moving or long distance moving. Additionally, Palmerston works with big furniture companies and when you buy with them, luckily, we will deliver and assemble it for you. Talk to us right away, for sure we have a solution!

furniture assembly


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Why we are the best choice in moving companies 

We are 5 stars rated among our clients on Google and other search mechanisms.

We have an exclusive delivery contract with the biggest furniture stores in Canada.

All our couriers are fully trained in the complete delivery and assemble of any kind of item.

Not a mess at all. We are well organized, and we offer a clean job.

Our job is done when your home is properly clean after the assembling process.

We protect. We use mats and special padding during handling and movements, avoiding scratches and other non-aesthetic accidents

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